NZDH Round 2: Wellington Results

Results from Saturdays racing held at Long Gully Wellington can be downloaded from the NZDH Website


Round 1 Results NZDH Series 2014

Results from round 1 of the NZDH Series can be downloaded from here.

D2D Team Riding Clarification

Clarification of the Team Riding comment in the previous post.

No Team riding means:

If you enter in a 2, 3 or 4 person team then only 1 rider at a time can be on the track or using the shuttle at a time.

So. 1 number plate = 1 timing chip = 1 person on the shuttle at a time.

This means that you can’t enter as a 3 person team and jump on the same shuttle and ride a lap together because you like riding together on a lovley day. (no team riding)

You can enter as a, Solo rider, 2 person team, 3 person team or a 4 person team.

If your still confused about the no team riding then have a look at the link below.

It’s an example of a team entry in a race. They each have a turn. They don’t run together.

What a team entry looks like

D2D 2014 Timings

Pre entry will be held at Zippies on Friday evening from 5.00 PM till 6.30 PM.

Satruday: Race Day

Gates open at 05:30
Rego from 06:00
1St shuttle 06:45
Last Shuttle 16:45

10 Hours of racing.

#1 rule:
1 number plate = 1 timing chip = 1 person on the shuttle at a time.

That means no team riding.

If you want to ride together then you will each have to enter as Solo riders.

Compulsory Runs
1 x Hot X Buns, Full Bunny Jugs before 09:00
1 x Under Billy. G- Rock, Roller Coaster, Moonie, China 10:00 – 12:00
3 x DH Runs any time
3 x Full Jump Track
3 x Full Corners

After that keep doing any runs you like till 17:00.
And the good news is that the weather is looking fine for Saturday.

NZDH Series 2014

1: Rotorua 27 September
2: Wellington 11 October.
3: Napier 1st November.
4: Taupo 22 November.
5: Auckland 13th December (venue TBA)

Bikeland Photos has just put up some pictures of Saturdays race.

The video should be ready on Tuesday.

NZDH Round 3: Napier

NZDH have posted the results for yesterdays racing held in Napier, here.

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