A Day in the Forest

Instead of holding an event on Saturday Tom an I (Dave) decided to go into the forest to check the condition of the road and a few other things.
I can positively confirm, that cancelling the event was the right thing to do. Vehicle access would have been impossible in the roads current condition. This isn’t anyone fault. There is currently work being done on the road to metal the boggy clay areas. Weather has not been our friend this winter. The incredible volume of rain has taken it’s toll. Parts of the road have been graded ready for the metal to be laid. Unfortunately a trailer full of metal has slipped off the road into a drain. This is going to take some work to remove by the looks of the situation.
On the first flat section before Chestnut we found a tree down across the road. Careful off road maneuvering allowed us to continue up the road.

Anyway, during Tom and my scouting trip, I received a txt from Dave Hamilton wanting to know if I was interested in going into the forest, to do some digging on the DH track. You could tell he was disappointed when he found out i was already in the forest.
Anyway, I came out, dropped Tom off and picked Dave up.
We went back in with couple of spades and Tama.
First off we cut the tree on Hill Rd, then continued up Hill Rd to the DH road crossing.
Out with the spades and down the track digging out puddles and cutting a drain down the couch seat shoot. Well timed as it would have been put to the test last night.
After the digging bee we continued down Direct Rd and cut up the three trees that have been down across the road for a while now, then onto Pipeline Rd.
Tama had another run on the big tree partly cut across Pipeline.
A few good hours spent in the forest on a day we should have been racing.

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