Race Info

A number of people have sent emails asking me how to pay for this weekends race and info on registration times.

Well, here it is. Sorry for the delay everyone who’s asked.

1: Registration will be from 9:00am on Saturday morning. We will be there earlier so registration could start earlier.
2: Practice starts from 9:00am on Saturday.
3: I have supplied an example of your registration below. Please bring along the equivalent notes to the valve below and we will supply you with a number plate for the weekend.
4: The right dollar value would be appreciated as anything more may be considered a donation if I don’t have change.
5: Please do not cut our number plates to fit your bars, cables or any other fetish you may have. We will want them back on Sunday.

Welcome to all the new riders who have entered. If you need help with anything just ask one of the older riders to point you in the direction of Dave or Dave.
We look forward to seeing you over the weekend.

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