Pene Family Fundraiser

If you’ve ever taken the shuttle to the top of Tawa to ride the Jump Track, Downhill or Billy T the chances are you have met Slim Pene.
Well these are Slims kids. They ride BMX as well as Downhill. They ride BMX so well that all four have been picked to represent New Zealand at the World BMX Champs in Copenhagen this July.

You can read the Rotorua Daily Post article here.

Slim needs to raise $30,000 to get the six of them over to Copenhagen. Sending one of your children to the other side of the world would be an expensive prospect, let alone four.

Anyway, Descend has decided that we need to help the Pene Family out. We’re going top hold a fundraiser event on Saturday 9th of July. There will be two events held. A Downhill style endurance event and a Cross Country race. Details of the actual formats will be reviled once we iron out the details. All money raised from these two races will be donated to the Pene Family to help with Travel and Accommodation costs.

Keep an eye out for further details.


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