Whaka Forest Harvesting – Updated NOTIFICATION 8 March 2011

Please refer to NOTIFICATION of Whaka Forest Operations attached link http://www.tll.co.nz/vdb/document/91
Katore Road has reopened. Road maintenance on Katore Road will be carried out in the next 2-6 weeks but will remain open while maintenance is carried out.
The Wash Road, Red Tank Road, Pipeline Road, Spruce Road and Direct Road are all still closed, as needed, while harvesting is carried out.
Mountain bike and walking tracks fully closed within harvesting areas (these remain out of use until all harvesting is completed) include: The Tickler, Be Rude Not 2, Black Walking Track and Purple Walking Track.
Mountain bike tracks closed as needed include: Katore Jumps, K2, Dragon’s Tail, Bunny Jugs (first section only), Sweet and Sour (last section only) and Hot X Buns.
Nearby roads and tracks will also be closed as needed, if the felling safety zone, of up to 100m, extends onto the tracks or roads.
To date forest users have acted very responsibly adhering to banners and signage. Your safety consciousness is much appreciated by Timberlands Limited and the harvesting crews and we thank you for your co-operation. These controls must continue until the harvesting has been completed.

Conclusion: Harvesting has or is occurring in all riding areas around the forest. The work looks to be getting closer to the Downhill Track. My feeling is that it will be our turn very soon. Note: We’re not against harvesting and do appreciate the access we have to the forest.

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