Dome Valley: Day 1

Practice day at Dome is now over. Another hot dry day here. No rain for a change, so everyone is happy. Some very different approches to practice. Christian, the 30+ points leader only completeing two runs and rested up due to an injured hand. If your’ve seen the hand I’m talking about youd wonder how it could be injured any further. It’s already missing fingers and is fuzed into a beer bottle holding position. This little guy does well to hold onto the bars. His practice was completed under the shade with a chiller full of Beers and some cider. Christian, Descend likes your style mate.

Speaking to other riders I found some that had only done 5 runs for the day and others who had completed 10 before lunch and we’re still goiing hard.

We have a number of points contenders who havnt turned up and some top class riders who havnt completed enough races to qualify. This is going to open the field up some what. On top of that it looks like young Kirt Sumerfield is out due to his frame spliting and Dan Sims is riding his new Foes. Looking nice Dan.

Once again has a great suppoet tent and sales display. Support Campbell and Bicycle. He’s putting time and money back into DH. Keep an eye on his weekly specials page. One day i’m sure I’ll find a 951 and boxxers up there for a grand. Just like lotto I’ll keep checking.

Anyway, Jamie sent me a picture of the 1st place trophy last night. Wouldn’t download so I had to email it to myself today. These are smart looking pieces of shiny bling. For the lucky few who get to take one home it’s well deserved.

Well, as I’m not a woman, and therefore can’t multi task, I’d better sign off and finish the second of what I’m sure will be another few beers tonight.

See youn on the finish line.

AKDH Points Series List B4 Dome Final.

A Nice Piece of Tin


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