Breaking News: Riders Named for Red Bull Rock Drop

Here is the selection of riders who will be inducted to race inside Martha Mine for Red Bull Rock Drop.
The final five names in blue are wild card slots which we will hold in reserve to fill any cancellations (in order) and will announce an additional spot for the fastest out of their qualifying times on the race day.
Thanks in advance for your understanding if you were not selected. You can see this list has a formidable bunch of riders!
There have been several qualified people on the team involved in the selection committee and we have included National ranking and history as considerations.

Looking forward to seeing you all in the new year.
I wanted to also let you know that we are pensively considering the date of JANUARY 29th as the new event date, but will not be officially announcing this until December 10th.

Confirmed Rider List as follows:

Joe Allen
Morgan Taylor
Kai Crow
Casey King
Tom Adams
Justin Leov
Kurt Summerfield
Tim Hunter
Louis Hamilton
Tom Rose
Matt Harris
Rod Bardsley
Matt Walker
Kirk Fisher
Brook Macdonald
George Branigan
Daniel Heads
Brandon Ransfield
Eddie Masters
Clinton Williams
Dominic Stulen
Scott Bedford
Jake Robinson
Zach Baker
Ben Tyas
Sam Baker
Callum sprosen
Nick Mead
Kurt McDonald
Matthew Corbett
Jono Church
James Mulcahy
James Rennie
Adam Diggle
Nick Dethridge
Stephen Geddes
Tom Garcia
Byron Scott
Phil Walter
Daniel Sims
Gavin Purdy
Nathan Rankin
Rob Farmer
Reon Boe
Cameron Cole
Jarrod Bang
Liam Potter
Tom Fox
Blair Christmas
James Baron
Des Curry
Daniel Jolly
Edd James
Gary Tayler
Mike Skinner
Steve McLennan
Jase Connor
Chris Birch
Mike Davis
James Dodds
Kurt Lancaster
Brandon Jackson
Ryan Lewis
Cole Smith
Adrian Loo
Mitchell Townsend
Jamie Eagle
Timothy Ells
Scott Taylor
Jourdan Lethbridge
Jack Bayley
Harrison Redshaw
Jason Hockly
Jayson Thomas
Sam Blenkinsop
Kelly McGarry
Daniel Meilink
Richard Leacock
Wyn Masters
Cole Titchmarsh
Neil Holdom
Peter-John Wegrynowski
Florian de Vries
Emil de Vries


(and the Rock Drop Team)

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