Race Info

This is for all the people that have sent me an email asking what tracks will be ridden this weekend.

The tracks will be:

Challenge Trail
The King Sprint. Casey King’s labour of love.
1/2 Gunna Gotta into Katore Jumps
Start from the end of the first section where you can loop back out to the road. Out the old exit and into Katore Jumps.
Half Cross Buns & Bunny Jugs
Start from the point after the uphill section. (Thats for cross country riders) Out into the clearing and into Bunny Jugs.
Billy T
This goes without saying. You just have to have this track in this type of race.
Pondy DH
It may’ve been logged but it’s still ride able. This is going to be one fast & interesting section. We’ll have a great view of the riders coming towards the finish line on this track.

And after the racing we intend on having a BBQ and Beer. You bring along your favorite bottle and bite and we’ll ensure there’s a BBQ and tong twister there to cook for you.

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