Red Bull Rock Drop

Keep this date free: Saturday December 4th.

This is going to be the event of the year. A spectacular race in a fantastic venue. The first ever Red Bull Rock Drop. 80 of our best riders competing 4 at a time, racing to the bottom of the mine. As the Red Bull Website say’s “Red Bull Rock Drop pits man against mine, in a 4 way  battle riders descend below the Eath’s surface picking their own line on a downhill course the likes of which have never been seen in NZ. Rock Drops, gap jumps, mine trucks, free ride and speed lines, Red Bull Rock Drop has it all!

With $10,000 in prize money up for grabs Red Bull Rock Drop will see the best of the best pinning it and pointing to the bottom of the Martha Mine”

Check out the video. You’ll have to get there to see the rest.

With New Zealands biggest prize pool up for grabs this should attract some good riders.

I’m sure the Descend DH team will be well represented at this event.

Stumpy, get out your camera. Descend needs to get this on video.


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